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Look Up as you walk through downtown Chagrin Falls and find signs of Village History

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Did you know……..

….there was a Fish Hatchery in Chagrin Falls?


In 1877 several residents of Chagrin area formed the Chagrin Valley Fish and Game Protective Association.  Their goal was to protect and provide fish for food and sport.  Fish that were native to the areas were becoming scarce due to destruction of their habitat.  The Association was able to convince the Ohio Fish Commissioners to provide fish for the stocking of the depleted lakes and streams. In 1893, the Ohio Department of Agriculture purchased the land just east of Cleveland Street between Bell Street and Washington Street.  


General Location of fish hatchery

General Location of fish hatchery


A fish Hatchery was built in this location.  It contained as many as six ponds.  The water was supplied by building dams on the creek that runs through that area.  The hatchery produced bluegill, sunfish, bullheads, large mouth bass, and catfish.  The fish were used to stock many lakes in the area including, Geauga, Bass and Punderson.  The hatchery was in operation until the end of World War II.  At that time, the land was re-used for the National Guard garage to house tanks.  The building used to house the tanks still remains is now used by the Village of Chagrin for the Service department. 


Fish Hatchery looking northwest. 286 Bell Street home is in the background


Fish Hatchery looking east 


Fish Hatchery looking east 


Deputy State Fish and Game Warden A.C. Johns working at the Fish Hatchery


Fish Hatchery looking east in 1932

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