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Did You Know…


         …there once was a Sophia Street on Chagrin Maps?


   If you look at old maps of Chagrin Falls, you will notice that some streets are either no longer there or do not go as far as they used to.  Below are a few examples from the 1874 map of Chagrin Falls and a map of Chagrin Falls today.

1874 Map of Chagrin Falls



Sophia and State Streets


   You probably have never heard of State or Sophia Streets.  They show on the 1874 map but no one has any knowledge that they ever actually existed.  They were planned and plotted out but never created.  Sophia was to run east to west between Philomethian and State St.  State St. was to run southeast from Bell St. to Cleveland St.


Sophia and State Streets as planned on 1874 map

Area where Sophia and State Streets would have been as seen in 2016



Cleveland and Chestnut Streets


   Cleveland St. is still here today but it looked different in 1874.  The street used to run continuously from East Washington St. to North St.  It went directly past the bag factory (Adams, Chase, IVEX or Spillway) and continued up the steep hill to High St. and on to North St.  Today, it is no longer connected south of High St. and the bag factory.  Chestnut St. shows on the map as connecting North St. and Cleveland St. just north of High St.  Like Sophia St. above, there does not seem to be any record that Chestnut St. was ever created.


Cleveland and Chestnut St. on 1874 map

Area where Cleveland and Chestnut Streets would have been as seen in 2016



Cottage and Division Streets


   Cottage and Division Streets are still here today but they also looked different in 1874.  Cottage originally continued west all the way to Orange St.  Division St. originally started at Orange St. and continued north through Cottage and Summit St. continuing north past Summit.  We have found no record that Division ever went north past Summit as shown on the 1874 map.


Cottage and Division Streets on 1874 map

Area of Cottage and Division Streets 2016



Water and Pearl Streets


   Water and Pearl Streets are still here today.  Pearl was renamed West Washington 1926 and has not changed since the 1874 map.   Water St. used to continue north past West Washington and crossed the river on a small bridge and connected to River Street north of the river.  The bridge is no longer there and the road now ends at West Washington St.


Water and Pearl St. circa 1874

Water and West Washington Streets 2016



School Lane


   School Lane ran north from Orange St. to Cottage St.  It was located near where the entrance to the Valley Lutheran Church parking lot is today. It stopped being a road when the church was built in 1948. One could still see remnants of where the road was into the 1970’s.  There was a one room school house at the location in the 1800’s, thus the name for the road.


School Lane connecting Orange and Cottage Streets in 1874

Area where School Lane was in 2016



Front Street and Pleasant Alley


At one time, there was a road called Front Street. It was renamed Bell Street in 1925.  There was also a street called Pleasant Alley. It is called Pleasant Drive on maps today and was re-routed a bit when the shopping plaza was constructed in the late 1950’s. 



Front Street and Pleasant Alley on 1874 map

Area where Front St. was circa 2016



Fenkell Avenue


At one time, Miles Road was called Fenkell Avenue.


Fenkell Avenue on 1914 map of Chagrin Falls




Same area circa 2016

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